At The Ivory Story, we believe in the magic of storytelling…

We are Adelaide-Based Photographers and Film-makers who adore the raw and the real. The big moments you’ll never forget, the small details that fly by in an instant & everything in between! We are super relaxed and absolutely love hanging out with new friends, going on the journey of planning and preparing, and sharing in the celebrations of the day.


While you’re immersed in the whirlwind that is the best day of your life, we are blending in behind the scenes poetically pausing each moment — to make sure every memory and emotion is preserved for safekeeping.

Every story is different, and our aim is to capture a visual narrative of your love in an organic and creative way, unique to who you are.

Let's Tell A Story...


Photo + Film

"When we got our photos back, we were blown away, not just by the way they looked, but even more so how they made us feel. Taking us right back to those wonderful moments we now have forever."

Adelaide Based. Available Worldwide.

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