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Photo by Richelle Casson Photography

Neasan has always been drawn to the creative arts, be that music, photography, cinematography or design, all of which have helped build that which is now The Ivory Story. 


For the better part of the past 10 years, it has been near impossible to catch Neasan without a camera in his hands. His background in corporate, fashion, studio, portrait, product photography, and film have been instrumental in shaping his approach to weddings. Neasan has seen a lot in this industry and has learnt what works and what doesn’t. He is dedicated to expanding his knowledge and skillset to provide couples with the best experience he can give them. 


Neasan’s refined style is organic, emotive and poetic. He appreciates light and shadow, mood and emotion, and the in-between moments. He is devoted to narrating your day and creating a beautiful story you can treasure, re-live and pass down to future generations. 


Then there’s Hannah. What would we do without her?! Basically running the engine room, Hannah is likely the person you’ll talk to the most before and after your big day over email, she’s always there to answer questions and have a chat. With a background in fashion and design, her keen eye is what breathes life into The Ivory Story, adding her flare to your images in post-production and even making the occasional appearance behind the camera to capture your special day.


We pour our heart and soul into creating a tribute to who you are and your unfolding journey. We don’t take the importance of what we do lightly, it is truly a privilege to be invited to capture your heart-warming memories and human connection. 


Let’s Tell A Story…


We will always prioritise candid over posed, inconspicuous over involved and blending in over standing out.

Our approach allows you to be you, to take in the wonder and awe that is the biggest day of your life so that you can relive all those feelings and emotions time and time again.

For the most part you’ll barely notice we’re there, but we’re not afraid to step in and provide guidance to help you feel your best if things feel a little awkward - especially for those shots you’ll want to hang on your walls. 

We could not think of anyone else capturing our special day! Hannah was such a dream to communicate with throughout our planning process. She was always quick to respond to any and all our questions. Neasan made Ben and I feel completely at ease and comfortable when capturing those intimate moments and our wedding party, family and friends felt the same. We've only seen a handful of sneak peek photos and oh my goodness they are stunning. 

ben + jordan

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