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Caitlin + Hayden | Maximilians Restuarant | Adelaide Hills Wedding

We are still beaming after yesterday! Two stunners full of love, making our job as wedding photographers easy as can be.

A love story that began with a drink (the wrong drink, but a drink nonetheless), and it lead them here.

Along with all of their guests, they traveled from Victoria to South Australia to share their vows. The pristine beach at Glenelg, glistening vineyards at Maximilian's Restaurant, deep blue skies and of course... each other. I don't think we noticed a single person not smiling the entire time, ourselves included. It was quite literally perfect in every way. So much so, I asked Hayden's mum if we could come back to Victoria on the bus with them! This is one we'll never forget.

Watch their sneak peek video:

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